Depth map processing

Depth map

 Depth map is an image that contains information relating to the distance of the surface of scene objects from a view point.

Pre-/Post-processing to improve the coding  Performance of Multiview plus depth map 

In this work, we propose new system for improving coding performance of multi-view and depth map (MVD) system using properties of depth map. The proposed method consists of two stages. In the pre-processing stage, dept map is filtered selectively to reduce the bit-rate cost while minimizing quality degradation. In the post-processing stage, decoded depth map is restored.

  Boundary Artifacts Reduction in View Synthesis of 3D Video System

In this work, we propose boundary artifacts reduction method for synthesized view in 3D video system. In this method, we analysis the property of boundary artifacts caused by compression noise. And, we set the convex set in pixel and frequency domain. Then, we find sub-optimal solution using projection onto convex sets method