Video Forensic

Video forensics
  Video forensics is an investigation technique for detecting manipulated(forged) video, and is a key technology for solving various image/video related legal problems.

Detection of Double compression
[K. Uddin, Y. Yang, B. T. Oh, “Deep learning-based counter anti-forensic of GAN-based attack in HEVC compressed domain using coding pattern analysis,” Expert Systems With Applications, To be published.
[K. Uddin, Y. Yang, B. T. Oh, “Double Compression Detection in HEVC-coded video with the same coding parameters using picture partitioning information,” Signal Processing: Image Communication, Apr. 2022.]

Detection of Frame Deletion in HEVC Compressed Domain

[J. H. Hong, Y. Yang, and B. T. Oh, “Detection of frame deletion in HEVC-coded video in the compressed domain,” Digital Investigation, Sep. 2019.]

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